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Hello everyone!
We appreciate your prayers as we embark on a new journey this year with our church plant, Grace Korean Bible Church (www.gracekbc.org)! Yesterday, June 3rd, 2018, marked the first time GKBC’s ENGLISH MINISTRY (EM) met!!! It was a wonderful time to hear from the Korean Ministry (KM) Pastor Ken Chung, as he preached on Matthew 16-13:20, focusing on the establishment of the church and also Peter’s confession of Christ.
From now on, Jake will be taking on a great role in the EM by preaching 3 Sundays a month. We ask for your prayers that Jake manages his time wisely as he works a full time job and also carries on the responsibility of preaching God’s word 3 times a month. Preparing a sermon almost every week will take a lot of time, and having two young kids does too, so you see the strong need for Jake to manage his time wisely and focus on the task at hand when it’s due. The 4th Sundays will be taught by GKBC Elder James Lee or Jose Kim, so please pray for them as well, as they prepare sermons, too. Jose is currently a seminary student at the Master’s Seminary.
GKBC’s Children Ministry is divided into the following classrooms –
0 to 23 months – Teachers Amber and Hannah
2 to 4 years old – Teachers Jose and Silvie
5 and up – Teacher Charles and Jake
Please pray for the teachers as the minister to our young children and that the children’s hearts are humbled to the word of God.
Jake will also be taking administrative responsibilities for GKBC’s Children Ministry’s program.
We are also planning to have the following fellowship groups –
Family group – meets every 1st and 3rd Friday of every month;
Men’s group – meets every 2nd Saturday at 7:30am
Women’s group – meets every week starting in September
As you can see, we have many opportunities where people can serve and help, so please pray that our church grows abundantly with faithful believers and we will have the proper resources to help with our needs. Again, we are very, very thankful for your prayers as we embark on this new journey building God’s kingdom.
Thank you for taking time to read this e-mail and we pray that you are well!
Jake and Sarah Dai
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  1. Jake, What a blessing! I remember us talking about serving the Lord a few years ago over a lunch and the Lord made it a reality! I’m very excited to serve the Lord together!!

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